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2 or 4 Changeover Relays per Module
50 Ohm with 20GHz Bandwidth +Option for 26.5GHz
75 Ohm 5GHz Bandwidth
High Performance Microwave Relays
Switch Up to 30W Power at 20GHz (50Ohm)
Model 10-780-543 has 3 x SPDT Power Microwave Relays Using Type-N Connectors
Front Panel Mounted SMA/SMZ Sockets with Indicator LEDs
Tree networks may be constructed by inter-linking individual modules


Microwave switching modules offer a choice of 2 or 4 changeover switches (SPDT) per module with bandwidths to 20GHz (optionally 26.5GHz) in 50 Ohms and 5GHz in 75 Ohms. Connections are made via high performance front panel mounted connectors. As these switches are electromechanical they cover the complete frequency range from d.c.to GHz. These modules give you the highest RF & Microwave switching performance available within a  Switching System. Applications are mainly in the Microwave region, however there are many uses in the RF spectrum where extremely low insertion loss and ultra high isolation are critical. They may also be used for applications requiring power switching to 100W (or 400W with module type 10-780-543)

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