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4 x SPDT Changeover Switches with Bandwidths to 3GHz
50Ohm and 75Ohm Versions
Choice of Front Panel Mounted Connectors BNC,SMA,SMB,etc..
Insulated Coaxial Versions Available Front Panel Indicator LEDs
Suitable for Building Large Switching Networks
Tree Networks Constructed by Interconnecting Switches
75Ohm Version Suitable for Telecoms and High Quality Video Switching
Many Applications in Low Frequency Shielded Applications


Models 10-710A have a bank of 4 individual high performance R.F.changeover switches (50 or 75Ohm,Bi directional) with very low insertion loss, suitable for handling signals up to 3000MHz.Applications include aerial switching, routing high frequency signals into oscilloscopes and analysers. Available with a choice of connectors: Industry standard BNCs are suitable to beyond 1000MHz, for higher performance applications SMA,SMB and 1.0/2.3 connector versions are available, both featuring very low insertion loss &good VSWR with bandwidths to beyond 3GHz. The 75Ohm versions are suitable for high frequency video and telecommunication signals up to 3GHz (e.g.622MBit data)

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