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2 or 4 output channels (optional fifth channel)
Sine, random, burst sine, burst random, and continuous arbitrary waveform
Image-rejected output bandwidth: 0-25.6 kHz for 16 bits, 0-6.4 kH for 20 bits
Full scale output ranges: 80 mV to 10 V
Constant output level amplifier (COLA) for monitoring output signals
Shutdown input allows emergency ramp-down of outputs


The  VT1434A four-channel arbitrary source is a C-size, single-slot, VXI module that provides stimulus for mechanical, acoustical, and electrical testing. Its versatile waveform types, performance, and tight integration with the VT1432B and VT1433B digitizers make it the ideal source for multi-channel measurements. Built-in sine and random noise waveforms save development time and offload computation and data movement chores from the host computer.

The VT1434A may contain one or two 2-channel source assemblies so that the module may have a total of up to four outputs. In addition, if option 1D4 is installed, it provides one additional output for a total of five output channels.

This intelligent module provides arbitrary waveform output capability with both loop mode and continuous arbitrary waveforms, using dynamic updating of data.



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