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Comprehensive signal conditioning on board
Flexible scanning/auto sequencing
High-speed data transfers into controller
On-board data reduction and hi/low limit checking
Signal digitizing to 100 kHz Sampling Rate (100 kSa/s maximum sampling/scanning rate divided by the number of channels in the scan list, which can be 1 to 64.)


The VT1413C 64-channel Scanning A/D is a C-size, single slot, register-based VXI module. It is designed for high-performance data acquisition and computer-aided test applications. The key requirements of these applications are high-speed scanning, 16-bit resolution, high accuracy (0.01% of reading), 4 mV to 16 V full-scale input (60 V with  VT1513A attenuator SCP), 64 kSample dual-ported FIFO buffer for fast data transfers, current value table for online monitoring, and automatic self-calibration. The available ranges are determined by the SCP used. An SCP is required for every input. Each SCP normally supplies input signal conditioning for eight (8) channels. See the individual SCP Data Sheet for more information.

The unique design of the analog subsystem provides a new level of density by combining a 16-bit A/D with a 64-channel differential FET multiplexer. Up to eight Signal Conditioning Plug-ons (SCPs), most with eight channels each, can be added to the VT1413C to provide additional capabilities (i.e., direct input, 10 Hz low-pass filtering, fixed gain/filter per channel, etc.).

Refer to the  Website for instrument driver availability and downloading instructions, as well as for recent product updates, if applicable.

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