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High-density, Compact (1U) Precision Thermocouple Measurement Instrument
Extensive Integrated Signal Conditioning and Filtering
Direct Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Network Connectivity
Complete End-to-End Self-calibration
1000 Samples/Second/Channel Scan Rate
Accepts All Standard Thermocouple Types Including J, K, T, E, S, B, R, N
Independent Open Thermocouple Detection per Channel


The EX1048 precision thermocouple instrument combines all of the features necessary to address your most demanding temperature measurement applications in an easy to use package. Exceptional temperature accuracy and stability are available in this scalable, standalone 1 U module that can be directly connected to your Ethernet network.
Ethernet connectivity also means that instrument installation and set-up has never been easier. Simply plug-in a standard network cable and start taking data. An integrated web page provides a convenient way to instantly verify communications and instrument functionality, while industry standard VXIplug&play drivers provide a familiar application programming interface to reduce integration and program development time.

Multiple devices are easily integrated and synchronized through our built-in dedicated Trigger Bus™, also allowing easy synchronization with VXIbus instrumentation. The EX1048 also provides an ideal solution for distributed measurement applications by reducing cabling and installation expense.

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