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51-620-XXX, PCI Dual Channel Function Generator

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DC to 10MHz
Up to Two Channels in One PCI Slot
48-Bit Frequency Resolution
Simple Generation of Repetitive Arbitrary Waveforms
DC Offset Capability
Flexible Sweep Capability
Amplitude Modulation Capability
Uses 10MHz Internal Clock or External Clock Reference
External Trigger Support
VISA Driver Supplied
2 Year Warranty


The 51-620 is a compact 2 channel function generator provided in short PCI card format. It is capable of generating sine waves to 10MHz with 48-bit frequency resolution referenced to an onboard 10MHz clock or to an external standard. The 51-620 can generate arbitrary waveforms loaded into the internal 256k memory, allowing the function generator to emulate many waveform types, including the typical waveforms of automotive and aerospace sensors.

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