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FireFox Broadband Synthesizer

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10Hz to 1640MHz operation
10Hz (15-digit) resolution
10Hz basic precision
GPS Disciplined OCXO and 1PPS output with <20ns 6- Sigma average Accuracy UTC
2MHz to 1.64GHz, >+10dBm typ. RF output with 50dB adjustment range
<10MHz to 1.64GHz LVDS outputs
DC to 398MHz 3.3V/5V CMOS output
Ultra low phase-noise Crystal Oscillator reference with 10MHz CMOS output
Built in general purpose 2GHz mixer with >350MHz IF BW
Internal 1Gs/s DDS 10bit DAC
Better than 10E-12 long term accuracy
100-240V @ <20W Desktop form factor RS232 operation/control


The FireFox Synthesizer presents unprecedented frequency accuracy and resolution by combining industry-proven GPS timing performance (USNO lab test report available) with the very latest in DDS synthesizer technology in one cost-effective desktop unit. An ultra-stable GPS disciplined frequency reference is combined with a broadband synthesizer. Virtually any Frequency from 10µHz to 1640MHz can be generated with 10µHz resolution (15-Digits) by using the built-in LCD and keypad, or via RS232 control. Settings and calibrations are automatically stored in non-volatile memory. RF, LVDS, and CMOS outputs are standard. The RF output provides 50dB (typ.) adjustable range and more than +10dBm typical output power. Outputs can be continuous wave (CW) or swept.



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