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PEM42A Multi Band PIM Analyzers

Up to 4 PIM frequency bands for multi-band testing.
Single connection Passive Intermodulation and S- parameter measurements.
Uses Agilent E5072A ENA series network analyzers.

Expandable PIM Analyzers PEM Series

Control Unit can control up to 4 different RF Units.
3 Measurement Modes: PIM Analyzer, PIM over Time, PIM over Frequency (Frequency Sweep).
RF Units from 700 MHz up feature forward & reverse PIM (2-port).

PIM S1L PIM Analyzers for Laboratory & QA

Test Modes: Diagnostic, Analyzer with Graphs, Sweep Mode (option), Distance to PIM (option), Distance to Fault (option).
Very high PIM sensitivity, up tp -172 dBc @ 2x 43 dBm carriers.
Output power variable from 15dBm to 44dBm.

PIM Analyzers for TETRA and 450-470 MHz Band (UHF)

Test Modes: Field Mode, Analyzer, multi PIM display, Rx sweep, PIM vs. Time, Single Carrier for Insertion Loss (IL) measurements.
Embedded DTP option: Distance-to-PIM, VSWR, DTF
High PIM sensitivity: -165 dBc @ 2x 43 dBm carriers.

Portable PIM Tester

Measures Intermodulation products IM3, IM5 IM7, IM9, IM11 and IM13.
Very high PIM sensitivity: -172 dBc @ 2x 43 dBm carriers.
Single Carrier Mode for system insertion loss measurements.

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